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February-March, 2004
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February-March, 2004 stories...

Our new travel trailer

February sunset

Nigel, the baby doggy

     A beautiful sunset in Indiana... from our backyard looking into the setting sun.  Just prior to the sunset, we took the above picture of our new travel trailer.  We're getting it readied for its first trip.

     To the left is the latest addition to the family.  Karen brought Nigel home to be taken care by Elizabeth, Emily and Justin.  Born in January, he is a white Schnauzer.  He has a little bed in the dining room and is learning his way around.  He has several toys as big as he is, but he likes to attack them.  So far, he's been pretty good.  He spent his first night in his new home Friday night, February 20th.


Emily's 12th Birthday

"I thought my shoes were supposed to be in there"

"Oh, there they are!"

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